Have you ever felt like your holiday pictures don’t look that much different from the ones you take in your own neighbourhood?

After spending hours flying off somewhere you still find yourself in a crowded city, surrounded by concrete, traffic and bumping all the time into other tourists? After all the trouble you went through to get those days off work, you return even more anxious or tired than you were when you left.


It is your duty as a tourist to let everyone see all the pictures of all the buildings, the fun you had in all the famous walls, or the classic Instagram post where you hold some monument together…

It’s not anyone’s fault, but if you find yourself in any those scenarios, then it’s time for you to try Rural Tourism.


And we know just the place.

Welcome to the Algarve



One of Portugal’s best ingredients, with a variety of sights known mostly for its beaches and glamorous marinas, golf courts and delicious fish.

But we want to introduce you to a different setting – and no, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to camp under our occasional 40ºC sunny days or abdicate your wifi privileges.

What we want is to let you know that you have got plenty of choices in your range.

Throughout the Algarve, there are several housing businesses completely embodied in the local natural landscape of the typical Portuguese villages.


         Ferragudo, Algarve


Villages where – even if only a couple miles away from the main town – you can hear yourself think because there are no cars, loud noises or heavy machinery operating around you.

Where the air is so fresh, you can feel it even through the heat of the burning sun, demanding a dive in the pool – or maybe an exploring trip to the land for a local waterfall, who knows?

The rocky edges lurk from the natural vegetation that still survives in the hills surrounding you with nothing but green. The agriculture around you takes you back in time, before processed food stuck in a paper or plastic box.


     Alcoutim, Algarve


And you can taste the land in each bite while the melody of the singing birds set the mood in the background. Besides that, if you appreciate good wine, then Rural Tourism in Portugal is definitely for you.

Some of these places are closer to shore like Monte de Santo António in Vila do Bispo or Falesias da Arrifana – perfect for some time away surrounded by the gorgeous cliffs bathing in the Atlantic ocean.

There are plenty beautiful places to visit in the mountains, like Quinta da Idalina in Monchique – only 1.2 kms away from Termas das Caldas de Monchique where you can enjoy sensational natural boiling springs.

Or you can visit Paisagem do Guadiana Turismo Rural in Odeleite, allowing you to connect with nothing but peaceful nature and good old serene mother nature.

Either way, it will be easy to fill your days with outdoor activities, you should do a safari or a tour in the Algarve Mountains, or if you’re not a tour person, we suggest trying to find a hiking group to explore the hills a bit better.



Ultimately you can go by yourself, all of the tracks are greatly signalled and have information at the beginning.

Regardless of the location some of these places are more luxurious than others – I mean it’s the Glamping Era, right? – a quick browse in our website will help you.

Most of the Portuguese people, even in these small towns, speak English so you shouldn’t have any problems at all.

Also, there’s only one airport in the Algarve (FAO Airport), and some of these places are a couple of hours away from there, so planning your arrival time is crucial if you want to escape taxi fees and still make the public transport route (they do not function all days nor all hours).

Bottomline, it is important to find a way to relax nowadays, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with choosing a bit of peace.

Photo credit: sky_hlv and Alexandre Moleiro

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