The Algarve Ultimate Travelling Guide and Checklist

Hello there fellow traveller, so you’ve decided to come to the Algarve hein?


Well, congratulations!


The Algarve is one of the most complete destinations in the world and we typically (climate changes cof cof) also have great weather!


But with so much to do how should you get started?

Or most importantly, how should you prepare?


This list will help you to be prepared for whatever activity you have in mind, we want you to take the most out of your vacations in the most comfortable, safe and enjoyable way possible.



Let’s get started.



Portuguese Vocabulary



First things first. If you don’t speak Portuguese, you may as well forget it!


Just kidding, you should not have any problems with language here since most of the residents living in the Algarve (and in Portugal) speak (at least) proper English.

But you know, it’s always good to hear some basic courtesy words in your own language, it shows that you care, and that’s halfway to be well welcomed. 

It’s very easy to go on google translator and translate two or three words that will make you that awesome charismatic tourist that everybody loves! 


Some basic words like:

Bom dia” (good morning),

Se faz favor” (please)

Obrigado” (thank you)

Uma imperial por favor” – You can try this last one at any pub and I promise you won’t be disappointed.



How to get here



The Algarve is the most southwest point of Europe, at the south of Portugal, with the Atlantic Ocean at west and south. Spain at east, right on the other side of the Guadiana river.

It’s impossible to get more direct directions than these ones. What are you waiting for? Chop chop!


You can arrive from the sea with the wind at your sails, or by the other “normal” ways:


  •  Fly to Faro (the district of the Algarve)


Get a transfer or an uber (taxis are very expensive here) from the airport to the city of your destination or to the train station in Faro and from there to your destination by train, which stops in all the main cities.


  • Get on a train in Lisbon


If you landed in the capital, Lisbon, or if you’re coming from Lisbon, a train will be your best option, the train is cheap, fast and comfortable. You can buy your tickets here but make sure you select the course named “Lisboa – Faro”.




  • Try the bus


If you are on a budget then the bus is your best friend, although they take long trips and have short schedules, they have nice routes to appreciate the views.



The Weather



As you might have heard, or since you are probably coming to the Algarve we feel like we should let you know that we have more than THREE hundred days of sun per year!

Oh yeah, it’s really sunny here.

So, the sun is very good and all, we all love the blue skies and the yellow dot in it. But not too much exposure, right?


Being protected from the sun is very important so we have a few tips for you:

  • Bring a cap/scarf whatever you use to protect your noddle.
  • Natural/chemicals free SUNSCREEN, something to protect your skin, preferable that’s not going to give you cancer.


So… you’re all set and ready to come to the Algarve and enjoy your well-deserved vacations, we hope you follow our tips to have an astonishing time in this beautiful region!

We update our blog regularly with useful information and tips so you might wanna check that out to stay on top of everything.


Stay safe and have fun 🙂

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